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8GB RAM strong attack on our mobile phone in the end need much custody
Jun 05, 2017

From 512M to 1GB, and then to the later 2GB, 3GB, and the current mainstream 4GB, 6GB, Android phone is growing with the growing trend. But do we really need such a big deposit?


    We have to explore the size of the problem of transport, you have to first look at the operating system Android system. I believe we have a certain understanding of the way the computer is running: Under normal circumstances, the computer executes a program, CPU began to calculate, through the memory cache, and then to the hard disk to read. Mobile phone system operating mechanism and the computer is not much difference, Android system running a program, the CPU began to calculate, the memory began to cache, and then read the target file to start the calculation, the end of the program, CPU calculation is completed. And we often say that the memory is not enough to use the situation, a large part of the reason is because the Android system in the end of the program, the phone memory is still part of the cache.

    The first half of this year, most of the flagship models have completed the transition to the 6GB deposit. The use of experience also tells us that 6GB does have its own existence. But the current development of the mobile phone point of view, more than 6GB of storage and will not bring significant improvement to the actual experience. But this is not to say that carrying more than 6GB on the phone is completely meaningless.

     For us these ordinary consumers, the deposit is naturally the bigger the better. But the high transport generally means that high prices, we do not need to blindly pursue the large deposit, because the supernatural transport in the daily use of experience and there will be no significant improvement.