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About the charging problem of Bluetooth headset
May 12, 2017

First, choose the right charger. Because the general Bluetooth headset has a dedicated charger, if there is no dedicated charger, can directly find the charging interface (some of the fine hole, some MiniUSB common interface), and the rated output power is the same charger.

Second, the general Bluetooth headset's charging time is kept within 2 hours, because the charging time will directly cause the machine circuit board aging or even burn, there will be a variety of inexplicable machine failures, such as the standby time shortened, frequent disconnection, call distance shortened, no boot and so on. So, for the sake of your Bluetooth headset, please give them an appropriate charging time.

Then, when charging all plugs into the plug, do not only insert more than half, such a long time to use will cause the Bluetooth headset damage. Of course, when the plug in charge, the action is not so big, so rude, to be gentle, otherwise long time such pulling plug, will cause the plug loose.

Then, when the Bluetooth headset connects to the power supply and starts charging, the red led on the Bluetooth headset is lit, indicating the charging. If the charge is finished, the indicator will turn blue, then the charger can be removed.

Also, to again recharge the Bluetooth headset, please make sure that the previous power is exhausted after the supplement.

In addition, if you plug the Bluetooth headset in the base or charging box, and directly to the Bluetooth headset charging, so the charge after the completion of the power will be more durable in the use of time. In addition, the charging method and direct the Bluetooth headset to charge the same, the charging line at the base of the hole plug in, and then open the power can normal charging.

Finally, the Bluetooth headset charger after the completion of charging, remember from the power strips unplug, if long time plug in the power, will directly affect the battery charger life.