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Analysis of Ten Trends of Smartphone Industry in 2017
Jun 02, 2017

Overall, the smartphone market in 2017 will be relatively stable, especially for the Chinese mobile phone brand, because they can not see the big channels, technological changes, China's mobile phone pattern will not change significantly, but some of the details of the trend or should be Attract attention.

First, China's smart phone market pattern is difficult, Huawei OV continue to lead the market

Although there is no public data, just past 2016 for Huawei, OPPO, VIVO is clearly a year of harvest, the three companies are not listed companies, outsiders are difficult to know the specific specific profitability, but from the industry analysis and all aspects of speculation , The profitability of the three companies should be about 10 billion yuan, seemingly very beautiful, but with the appliance manufacturers Gree, Midea, Haier profits are more than 10 billion compared to the Chinese mobile phone revolution is far from successful, need to continue efforts.

Second, to the overseas China is 2017 Chinese smart phone identifier

If 2016 is the Chinese smart phone brand manufacturers to enter the overseas market in the first year, after experiencing the attempt, I believe that in 2017 the Chinese mobile phone brand to enter overseas will increase the pace.

Huawei has been committed to overseas markets these years, but in the global layout of the gap compared with Samsung is still obvious, Huawei to become a Samsung challenger, the global channel and brand is the main short board, although Huawei in the European market is good, but European countries, the population base is too low, compared with many emerging markets is insignificant, Huawei to enter the global market, the need to address the unified channels and brand strategy, otherwise the next few years is likely to be OV beyond.

Although OV to enter the overseas market propaganda is very small, but the past two years the two companies have achieved good results, and Huawei, OV into overseas is the basic copy of the domestic strategy, distribution channels, large-scale publicity, positioning in the high-end , This model is easy to make a breakthrough in emerging markets, of course, the two companies will not only be limited to emerging markets, OPPO has announced to enter the US market, I believe that access to Europe and Huawei direct PK day is not far.