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Bluetooth stereo makes wireless music dream a reality
May 12, 2017

A etymology of Bluetooth (Bluetooth) in the Tenth century unification Denmark and Norway's Nordic Virgin King Harald Bluetooth, a short-distance wireless transmission interface developed by Ericsson (Ericsson) and a Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth alliance (Bluetooth Special Interest) was established in 1998 jointly with IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba five vendors. Group. The main three features of Bluetooth technology are: non-directional, voice and data transmission, and can simultaneously link multiple devices.

Bluetooth Technology Alliance (Bluetooth SIG) in 2003 issued a support for Bluetooth Stereo protocol specification, the same year, the first Bluetooth MP3 Advent, the following the following, the first Bluetooth stereo headset, also marks the Bluetooth wireless listening to music dream become a reality!

Bluetooth stereo Core configuration file is A2DP, in addition, AVRCP is also a very important configuration file, to understand Bluetooth stereo, must first understand the two profiles. Popular said, with the A2DP, you can use Bluetooth transmission two-channel stereo music data, with AVRCP, you can use Bluetooth wireless control music player.