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Considerations for using Headphones
May 12, 2017

Because headphones are closer to the inner ear tissues than the general external noise, the user must take the necessary protective measures. Studies have shown that pleasant music causes hearing impairment, but long-term exposure to high decibel sounds, whether music or noise, can cause hearing impairment. Noise-induced sensory nerve hearing impairment occurs in the inner ear, when the high-energy acoustic waves in the cochlea of the liquid, will be excessive stimulation and cause cell death. Hearing impairment is accumulated over time, and if long-term exposure to noise, although a short duration, can cause hearing loss.

The results of a survey published in 1998 by the American Medical Association magazine and Experiments in Shanxi Medical University in China showed that there was a negative impact on hearing in the long term at high noise levels.

If the use of headphones on the streets, in addition to the high volume, and the cause of hearing impairment, focusing on listening to music, it is easy to make users to the peripheral voice to lose alertness, increased risk of opportunities, children should not use.