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Fast speed, fast 4G, your choice
Aug 18, 2017

If 2G, 3G communications for the development of human information is insignificant, then the future of 4G communication has given people the real freedom of communication, and completely change people's way of life and even social form. 

A 4G network is the fourth generation of wireless, mobile communication. The overall goal for the network is to provide a comprehensive and secure network communication solution with much faster data speeds than previous generations. While still in development, the foundations for upgrading from 3G to 4G service started in the early 21st Century as companies began to introduce new technology. 

For the 5G, many institutions and operators do first pre-announced the 5G network plan details at home and abroad, the main way is to plan the use of a large number of antenna components to achieve high-frequency bandwidth of the signal transmission, relative to 4G, 5G network 4G fast 100 times. Previously, Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson and other companies have put forward the initial idea of 5G network, and the actual time to bear fruit, most predicted for 2020, at least 3 years away from now.