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How to maintain headphones
May 12, 2017

1. It's best not to wear headphones when sleeping. The average person is absolutely impossible overnight, the time is long, the headset line is not wrapped around the neck is two strands like twisted together, some big headphones even the shell is crushed. 100, 200 of the crossbeam is also relatively fragile at the beginning of the place! If some friends say I do not listen to songs I can't sleep, then it is best to put the headset hanging up, is in your head above, with a rubber tie the headset wire hanging in the bedside. Asleep when a crooked headset will be "pulled" down, no matter you will not turn over the pressure! The advantage of using the elastic band is pulling the headset to play the role of buffering!

2. Use headphones to wipe out the sweat on the headphone line. These bodies secrete something that contains grease and what is the invisible killer of wires, such as e2c at the ear bend. Long time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to open seam, fracture.

3. It is best not to smoke when using headphones. Who has been careless time, whether it is the headset shell, the headset wire hot, hundreds of oceans you can not love dearly??? In addition soot will enter into the headset shell stuck in the film, the time for a long time the sound is wrong.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume before using. If your output device is too loud, not only the ears, the light is the shock film folds. The speaker burned the headset.

5. Headphones keep away from strong magnetism. The magnetic magnetism of the unit decreases, and the sensitivity decreases over time.

6. The headset is away from damp. The headset in the unit will rust, the resistance increases, your headset will be biased.

7. Plug section. Some friends like to put MP3 or something in the trouser pocket, Plug and outlet part is easy to fold, the time is long will be disconnected.

8. Do not disassemble. Curiosity is too strong to open a look. Some headphones are difficult to disassemble, mx500 do not have special method is not to open, is that you get opened 80% also bad. Small 2 to open is not accurate to break the shell, or appear biased, 888 and 808 can also, better get.

9. It's best not to use outside in winter. Cold in winter, wire is harder, brittle, excessive bending is easy to break the wire. At this time also do not to the headset wire heating, high temperature will accelerate the aging wire.

10. Stay away from chemicals. The headset coat is dissolved in organic chemicals, and it is not good to see it.