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Maintenance skills of waterproof mobile phone
May 12, 2017

Waterproof mobile phone In use also need to be careful maintenance, do not mistakenly think that it has King Kong not bad body.

1. The safest to waterproof mobile phone is 30 ℃ below freshwater, high temperature water (such as hot springs or prolonged sunshine in direct waters) is easy to make rubber gasket aging, thus losing waterproof capacity, and the salt water contained in the seawater, it is very easy to make metal parts rust, buttons difficult to operate, or even corrosion circuits, so in the sea or seawater, it is best to soak the phone in fresh water for several hours.

2. Although most waterproof mobile phones have dust-proof function, but the larger particles of sand or dirt on the mobile phone but deadly killer, must be replaced batteries or storage card, such as opening the seal lid operation, rinse with water (wipe the machine with cloth easily scratched surface, but also difficult to clean up thoroughly). Otherwise the sand once attached to the sealing area, it is easy to cause plastic pad deformation, leakage.

3. The battery and the interface seal lid can be said to be the weakest link of waterproof mobile phone, every time the phone into the water, before careful inspection of the sealing cover of the card, confirmation of the prison; open when more careful, if just soaked in water, to first the water on the machine with a soft cloth dry, to avoid infiltration, open the lid on the edge of the internal rubber gasket will likely have a small amount of water, to pay more attention to timely dry cleaning.

4. If your waterproof mobile phone does not have seismic function, you should avoid bumps, because it is likely that the impact of instantaneous sealing interface caused by loose and so on.