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Misunderstanding of using headphones
May 12, 2017

One of the misunderstandings: use large volume when you burn headphones

Some people think that new headphones need to use a large volume pot, so that the headset can quickly and well into the normal working state, but also save time.

Such a practice is actually committed to use the headset a big bogey, because usually, the new headset is too rigid, the large volume of the pot will make the vibration of the frequency beyond the new vibration film withstand capacity, resulting in damage to the diaphragm. In the pot should use moderate volume, use a period of time can be arbitrarily debugged.

Myth # 2: Listen to headphones when the volume is too large

A long time of large volume listening to concerts have a very adverse impact on the hearing, and gradually will cause a serious decline in hearing, to the ears to bring long-term damage, a long time of large volume can also make a person's mental excessive excitement, can cause physical and mental fatigue, mental exhaustion. And the large volume of the effect of the headphone film is also very large, long time use of large volume, will cause distortion, even caused by the diaphragm damage. Therefore, when listening to music to choose moderate volume, neither too small, the impact of the beauty of music, nor too large, hurt their ears. Moderate volume can also prolong the service life of headphones, is one of the best maintenance methods