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Reasons for choosing a 4G smartphone
May 12, 2017

1. Compatibility: 4G can be compatible with the existing 2G, 3G, 4G network, "Multimode multi-frequency" has become the standard of 4G mobile phones.

2. The transmission rate is fast: Mobile TD-LTE 4G mobile phone maximum download speed exceeds 80Mbps, reach the mainstream 3G network speed more than 10 times, to download the movie as an example, a 700M HD movie, with the 4G network download, the fastest 1 more than minutes can be completed.

3. The network spectrum is wider: 4G communication theoretically achieves 100Mbps transmission, 4G network bandwidth is much higher than 3G network bandwidth. Each 4G channel will occupy a 100MHz spectrum, equivalent to 20 times times the 3G network.

4. Autonomous network structure: 4G network will be a fully autonomous, adaptive network, can automatically manage, dynamically change their structure to meet the system changes and development requirements.

5. Wireless network Latency Reduction: User delay in use less than 0.05 seconds, only 3G of 1/4. Mobile 4G can still provide services even at a high speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour.

6. The data communication speed is high: 4G network uplink downlink speed is about 10 times times 3G, but also enhances the peripheral environment information capacity, enhances the peripheral user experience performance. The internet is faster and the videophone will be smoother.

7. Wider content: 3G core applications for mobile broadband Internet access, video calls, mobile TV, mobile phone music, mobile phone shopping, wireless search and mobile phone games and so on streaming media applications; 4G will provide more high-performance mobile phone convergence media content, and through the ID application to become personal identification equipment.