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Sound characteristics of headphones
May 12, 2017

1. Pure sound, no unpleasant "hiss", "Weng", "coax" sound.

2. Good balance, tone from the light or dark, low-frequency energy distribution evenly, the fusion between the frequency of natural smoothness, no abrupt and burr

3. High frequency extends good, delicate and supple.

4. Low-frequency dive deep, clean, full of elasticity and strength, no fertilizer, slow feeling.

5. Medium frequency distortion is minimal, transparent and warm, voice kind nature, have thickness, magnetic, not exaggerated and nasal.

6. The analytic force is good, the details are abundant, the tiny signal can also be replayed clearly.

7. Good acoustic field characterization, sound field, accurate and stable instrument positioning, sound field has enough information, there is no hollow feeling.

8. Dynamic without obvious compression, with a good sense of speed, under the large volume is true or distortion is very small.