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The hardware will be more powerful to handle the increased processing demands – a three-core Apple A10 Fusion chipset with 3GB of RAM (the brain of the iPhone 7 Plus). The latest official Apple TV (from 2015!) has an aging A8 chipest (from the iPhone 6) which tops out at 1080p/60 h.264. In short, this update was a long time coming.
Sep 12, 2017

All iPhone 8 rumors so far have shown off the color scheme trinity – White, Black and Gold - but now a new video shows a unit painted in a bold red color. This won’t be the first red iPhone but it will be the first time Apple offers a red unit from the get go.

This video was sent to us by a tipster who says it was shot Guangzhou in what appears to be a showroom (or perhaps a QA facility).


Interestingly, the iPhone 8 appears more burgundy and the iPhone 7 (7s?) behind it is a brighter red. And the gold color continues to not look like the precious metal, but closer to bronze.

Apple gives the impression that colors are for the mass market devices – be it iPhone 5c or a late generation iPod Touch. But will iPhone’s anniversary be a colorful one?

A big thanks to Aman for this video!