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What is USB charger
Aug 17, 2017

USB charger is access tool to connecte to the computer and mobile devices used to send video, ringtones, pictures and other documents. If your phone hasn't a large of storage to save the video, music and photos, the USB cahrger works, it can connect the computer to transmit the data into computer, the problems solved easily.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on computers and laptops is a data port that also serves as a 5-volt power source. Personal handheld electronics like cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and digital music players can make use of this port to recharge their batteries by using a USB charger. It is simply a cable that goes from the device's USB port to the computer's port.

Virtually all portable, personal electronics feature a USB port, though the connector can vary between one of several standards. Computers use the Type-A standard, which is a flat, rectangular port that contains recessed data pins and exterior power pins that make contact first. This ensures that any device plugged into the port will receive power before data transfer is attempted, cutting down on data errors. This design has another advantage when it comes to digital music players.

When some portable audio players are plugged into a USB port, they are designed to go into a data transfer mode as soon as the data connection is made. In this mode, the device cannot be used to playback music even if files are not actually being transferred. By plugging the USB charger in without pushing it all the way forward to the data pins, the cable can make contact with the power pins and recharge the device while leaving it in a mode that allows playback. One can then listen to music while recharging.

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