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Xiaomi Mi 5X gets a stable Android One ROM port
Sep 12, 2017

If you've bought into the Xiaomi Mi 5X, wished you haven't when you saw the stock Android of the Mi A1, then here's some good news. You now have the option to move from one to the other by flashing the right ROM.

Thanks to a developer by the name of heli0us a port of the Android One ROM for the Xiaomi Mi A1 is available and you can find download links and instructions in the source below.


According to the developer everything so far works without issue and the ported ROM is stable.

Keep in mind that installing the ROM over MIUI on a Xiaomi Mi 5X requires you to unlock the bootloader, which will wipe the phone's entire memory.

Currently the Xiaomi Mi A1 is a bit cheaper than its equally-specced sibling Mi 5X, but the 5X is easier to buy due to its wider availability.