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Analysis On The Status Quo Of Smartphone
May 12, 2017

Mobile payment

Mobile payment has undoubtedly become a major mainstream function of smartphones in the 2012. 2012 e-Wallet, square card reader and near-field communication technology in mobile payment has become the smart phone highlights.

2012 years of mobile payment has been developed to the physical store installed in the use of mobile payment equipment, the emergence of a number of mobile payments for the main business and hence the reputation of large noise enterprises. However, because consumers are accustomed to using the bank card for consumer transactions, so mobile payment in a short time can not be accepted by the vast number of consumers.

Security situation

Statistics show that the prevalence of global mobile malware as at October 2012 is about 1%, according to the year's global smartphone (only Android smartphone) users reached 1 billion households, meaning that 2012 10 million mobile phones were attacked by malicious software. Data released by Kaspersky Lab showed that 9,000 of new Android-phone malware had emerged globally in the third quarter of 2012 alone. In addition, the industry expects to have 18 million Android handsets infected with malware by the end of 2013.

Patent battles

No matter of the 2012-year-old smartphone counting can not be limited to the patent dispute, 2012, the smartphone manufacturers of litigation claims, the application of a ban on orders and so on has long been countless. Apple is undoubtedly the protagonist of almost all patent battles in the 2012, and the dispute between its Samsung and South Korea ignited the fuse of the global patent War, culminating in Apple's victory and reaping 1 billion of dollars in reparations. In addition, HTC, Motorola Mobility, rim, Nokia and so on mobile phone giants are also trapped in "shearing and disorderly" patent dispute. Looking forward to the 2013 global mobile phone market, a point has become inevitable, that is, the industry's patent dispute will continue to exist.