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Apple's A11 Will Have Six Cores - Two Powerful, Four Efficient
Sep 12, 2017

Apple's next mobile chip - the one set to power Apple's iPhones that will debut tomorrow - is going to pack a six-core processor.

The A11 will have two high-power Monsoon cores and four low-power Mistral cores and all of them will be independently-controllable and will be able to run at the same time.


The bit of information was extracted by dev Steve T-S from the same iOS 11 Golden Master that unearthed Face ID, the new wallpapers and animated emojis.

The current-gen A10 Fusion chip found in the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has two high-powered Hurricane cores and 2 low-power Zephyr cores but they can only run one cluster at a time - either the powerful ones or the battery efficient ones.

Tomorrow's the day Apple will show its next smartphones. Stay tuned here at GSMArena for the full coverage.