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Basic Definition Of 4G Smartphone
May 12, 2017

4G (full name: The 4th Generation Communication System), the fourth generation communication systems. 4G communication theoretically achieves 100Mbps transmission rate, 4G network is much higher than the bandwidth of the 3G network's cellular system in communication bandwidth. Each 4G channel will occupy the 100MHz spectrum, equivalent to the W-CDMA 3G network 20 times times, frankly speaking is that the network transmission speed than the current cable broadband more than fast n times. 4G mobile phone is to support 4G network transmission of mobile phones, mobile 4G mobile phone maximum download speed over 80Mbps, reaching mainstream 3G network speeds of more than 10 times, is Unicom 3G twice x.

The simple thing to say is to support mobile terminals (i.e. mobile phones) with 4G wireless transmission technology. 4 G is set 3G and WLAN in one, and can transmit high-quality video image, its image transmission quality and clarity on the television. 4G is now implemented, functionally more advanced than 3G, the bandwidth utilization is higher, faster.