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Basic Requirements For 3G Smartphone
May 12, 2017

1. High speed, high precision processing chips. 3G mobile phone not only to support phone calls, texting, it also handles audio, video, even to support multitasking, which requires a powerful, low-power, multimedia-processing chip. Such chips can make the phone not frequent crashes, not fever, will not let the system slow as a snail.

2. Large storage chips and storage expansion capabilities. If you want to achieve a large number of 3G applications, no large storage is completely worthless, a complete GPS navigation map, more than a G storage space, and a large number of video, audio and a variety of applications need to be stored. Therefore, to ensure sufficient memory storage or extended storage to truly meet the application of 3G.

3. Large area, standardized, touch screen. Only a large area and standardized display can allow users to fully enjoy the application of 3G. The resolution is generally not lower than 320 x 240.

4. Support for playback of mobile phone TV. If mobile TV fully adopts the VOD mode of Telecommunication network, the network is difficult to withstand, and in order to ensure the quality of the network, operators generally have control over the flow of VOD video, so broadcast mobile TV is an important part of mobile phone entertainment.

5. Support for GPS navigation. It can not only help you find the place you want to find, and GPS navigation can also help you find the interests of your surroundings, many of the future services, will also be combined with the location, which is unique characteristics of mobile phones.

6. The operating system must support the installation of new applications. It is possible to install a variety of new applications so that users can install and customize their own mobile phones.

7. The battery is equipped with large capacity and supports battery replacement. 3G regardless of the use of low-power technology, the consumption of electricity is a big problem, must be equipped with high-capacity batteries, 1500mAh is standard, with the popularity of 3G, very likely future external mobile power will also become a standard configuration.