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Domestic And Foreign Mobile Phone Evaluation Agencies Inventory
Jun 01, 2017

When the new phone is listed, many people are hesitant to buy when they are often going to look for relevant evaluation videos or articles . Now I recommend two sites for everyone。


Engadget is a blog and podcast of popular science and technology news of consumer electronics products. It was co-founded by Peter Rogers and Ryan Bullock in 2004, with his professional digital product coverage and evaluation, and has won numerous awards since its inception。In addition, tablet PCs, laptops, desktops, cameras, AR / VR devices, and even some small digital niche products can be found in Engadget on the relevant evaluation. In fact, the mobile phone information and evaluation is only part of Engadget.


The Verge

The Verge by the original Engadget editor after the departure in 2011 to create, be a rising star, in the establishment of the second year to get five known as the "Internet Oscar" Wei Bei Award. The early period of Verge focused on technical news and product evaluation, and later expanded to cutting-edge science, pan-technology culture, business and design.The Verge to locate accurate, accurate and reasonable website design, evaluation of the original high degree, called the industry model of hardware evaluation and conference live, as well as professional equipment dismantling difficult to score and other characteristics of a lot of affirmation, has now developed into a world-renowned Of the new technology and technology.