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Google Facing Another EU Fine Over Android Violations
Jul 08, 2017

Last month Google was hit with a massive $2.7/€2.4 billion fine by the European Commission, but that might not be the end of the company's legal troubles. According to Reuters, the company might face even bigger charges over unfair pushing of its OS and services to phone makers.1.jpg

According to the report, competitors and manufacturers filed a complaint that Google is abusing its market dominance. The company is accused of limiting access to the Google Play Store if the phone company does not bundle the device with Google search and Chrome apps as well.

Google is also blocking manufacturers from creating devices with in-house Android, even if the OS is open source, the complaint says.

The fine might top the current antitrust record fine of $2.7 billion. Google also might need to unbundle Android and the Google services.

A panel is currently investigating the matter and it should reach a decision by the end of this year.