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Honor 10 Updated With Party Mode, Camera Improvements, More
Jun 11, 2018


The Honor 10 didn't spend too much time on the market and has already received a couple of updates that added important new features and improvements. The last update for Honor's high-end smartphone brings a Party Mode and some enhancements to the already more than decent camera.

The new Party Mode comes in the form of an app that takes advantage of the phone's NFC (Near Field Communications) feature enabling several Honor 10 users to connect their phones and have them play the same song at the same time.

Furthermore, the update adds a handful of improvements to the AI Camera. Apparently, once it detects the scenery, the camera UI will now display a text message that informs users about the photo effect. 

The fingerprint sensor on the Honor 10 received its own enhancements as well, such as the ability to tell users how compatible their current fingerprint is and whether or not they should delete and replace it with a new one. 

Other highlights of the update include a live wallpaper and a new theme, as well as the relocation of the HiCare app on the home screen (no longer in the Tools folder), better power consumption processes for extended use. Finally, the May 2018 security patch is included in the update too.