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How To Avoid The General Panic Of Smartphones
May 12, 2017

Usually panic is happening in the smartphone, if the smartphone as a regular mobile phone use, do not install any software, then it is not easy to panic. In order to minimize the occurrence of panic, Bai Ping or automatic restart, it is recommended as follows:

1. After purchasing a smartphone, you should go to some smartphone forums on the Internet before you use it. Generally speaking, these forums will have the relevant system and related models of the use of attention, to understand this knowledge can make you less go a lot of detours.

2. Use smart phones do not open several programs at the same time, generally with 3 of the following appropriate, large programs can only run a one at a one-time. The exit of the program depends on the menu in order to quit, do not directly use the Hanging machine keys. In that case, the program is still running in the background, if you open a larger program, it is very easy to panic.

3. Try not to install software of unknown origin.

4. Note the storage card protection, the memory card damaged and stored in the card data errors will cause a cycle of power or no power on the fault. Encountered this type of failure, first should format the storage card try, if not, can only replace the memory card.

5. Do the management of the program on the opponent's machine, do not randomly delete the documents that they deem unnecessary. Some crash failures are caused by users accidentally deleting system files.

6. Smart phones and computers, the use of a long file system will become chaotic, so that the machine running slower, prone to panic situation. The solution to this situation on the computer is to reload the system, and the smartphone is hard-formatted. After hard formatting, all data on the phone will be emptied, the file system is restored to the factory state, so we need to make a backup of the relevant data before hard format.