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Huawei Chooses BOE Technology To Build OLED Flexible Displays For Future Foldable Smartphones
May 29, 2018


Huawei said last month it wants to beat Samsung for the world's first foldable smartphone title in November, but it didn't say how it plans to do that. Today, a new report coming from the Korean media claims Huawei has just teamed up with BOE Technology to build its first ever foldable smartphones.

BOE Technology was the first Chinese company specialized in flat panels that begun producing flexible OLED displays back in 2017. The report says BOE will manufacture 8-inch in-folding OLED flexible panels that Huawei will use in its foldable smartphones.

Moreover, the report mentions that BOE Technology received orders to develop four prototypes of foldable panels for two different smartphone makers, which haven't been named yet.

It's yet unclear whether or not BOE will be able to meet supply demands from not one, but two smartphone vendors, but Huawei may be favored now that the two companies have teamed up.