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IPod Nano And Shuffle Were Discontinued Today, IPod Touch Got Double The Storage
Jul 29, 2017

Today it's time to shed a tear for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, because both of them got discontinued by Apple. This comes less than three years after the same thing happened to the iPod classic. The iPod nano and shuffle have been unceremoniously pulled from the Apple website, and the company has since confirmed to TechCrunch that it is in fact discontinuing the music players.

So if you want an iPod, from this point on your only option will be the iPod touch - and who knows how long it will be before that one bites the dust too. For now, Apple seems to be doubling down on the touch, since it's just upped its available storage capacities.

The iPod touch can now be had with either 32 or 128GB of internal space, up from 16 and 64GB. The prices haven't changed, though - the entry-level model is still $199 and the other one goes for $299. It's just that you get twice the storage. The media player is offered in six different color versions: silver, gold, pink, Space Gray, blue, and red.