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Precautions For Smart Phone Brush Machine
May 12, 2017

1. As long as the computer is connected with the machine can brush itself, whether in normal use or white screen. If the phone has been disconnected from the computer (for example, black screen), then it is not good to brush.

2. The normal data line can brush the machine, as long as your data line stability, to ensure the transmission of data.

3. Brush machine must ensure that the cell phone battery power in more than half (or plug in the power, but the new Nokia S60 mobile phone brush machines can not plug in power, such as: 5230,5800,N97,6700s and so on.) In short, the battery charge is full of the right. This is very important, oh.

4. Brush before you carefully read the machine instructions, strictly follow the instructions.

5. Brush machine Recommended Brush Complete package, such insurance. The commonly used software has two kinds of RSD and Flashback.