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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tipped To Arrive In Early August Soon After Unveiling
Jul 25, 2018


Samsung has already confirmed that its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9 will be officially introduced on August 9. However, the South Korean company didn't say anything about the phablet's availability, although unconfirmed rumors claim the Note 9 will hit the shelves on August 24.

Apparently, Samsung is forced to push Note 9 on the market much earlier than we originally expected, so if you plan on getting one, you might be able to do so immediately after August 9. According to sources from Taiwan's handset supply chain, Samsung is likely to make the Note 9 available for purchase in early August.

The reason behind Samsung's decision is related to the unexpectedly low Galaxy S9 sales, which sold around 30 million units in 2018 according to a report from the Chinese media. This is the lowest number of a Galaxy S family flagship since 2012, a real blow for the South Korean giant if the information is accurate.

The early launch of the Galaxy Note 9 is meant to raise the hype around Samsung's flagships and cover some of the losses due to the Galaxy S9 low sales. It remains to be seen whether or not the report is accurate and which countries will get the Note 9 first.