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Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Start Shipping In The US
Mar 13, 2018


A couple of weeks back, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+, it said that the handsets would be delivered to US customers as early as March 14. Today, March 12, folks who’ve reserved and pre-ordered the phones early are being notified that their units started shipping, and should actually arrive tomorrow, March 13. It looks like this is true for both unlocked, and carrier versions of the S9 series. 

Not everyone who pre-ordered the Galaxy S9 and S9+ received notifications regarding shipping. And that’s normal, as Samsung had guaranteed shipping “by March 14” only for pre-orders placed between March 2 and March 5. 

If you haven’t pre-ordered a Galaxy S9 or S9+ yet, and you want to do it now, Samsung says it can ship the phones on March 18 the earliest. Of course, this date is subject to change, depending on demand.  

Samsung reportedly plans to sell at least 40 million Galaxy S9 and S9+ units around the world by the end of 2018. It remains to be seen if it reaches its sales target or not. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about these new Samsung-made flagship phones, check out our Galaxy S9 and S9+ review.