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Skype For Android Gets Themes, Activity Indicators, And Chat Sorting Options
Aug 05, 2017

Less than 24 hours after it announced PayPal integration for its mobile apps, Skype has released a new version of its Android app. This is currently rolling out through the Play Store, and it's Skype 8.3.

Once you get it, you'll notice three new features. First off, Skype now (finally) has two different themes you can pick from - they're descriptively called Light and Dark, and yes, one is almost all-white, while the other has a dark grey background to ease eye strain. The first time you run Skype after updating to the latest version you'll be asked to pick which theme you prefer.

Activity indicators are small green dots that appear on the bottom right side of your active contacts' profile pictures, like they do in Skype for Windows, for example. Finally, you have a bunch of sorting options for the list of your chats: "by Recent", "by Unread", and "by Active". Those are all pretty self-explanatory. Of course you can expect some "general performance and reliability improvements" to be neatly packed into this update as well.