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Spotify Is Testing A Driving Mode For Android Users
Jul 08, 2017

Distracted driving has been an increasing problem all over the world now that we carry an infinite amount of distraction in our pockets. Apple has already stepped up to solve this by baking a feature into iOS that auto-replies to your contacts while you’re driving. Spotify is now testing a new car mode that some users are seeing appear on their app.


Driving mode is accessed via the Now Playing screen

The new Driving Mode feature has larger buttons, announces songs aloud, and will feature hands-free voice control (which isn’t currently active). These enhancements should minimize distractions for safer driving.

Screenshots posted to Reddit reveal the new driving mode with a simplified interface. In between two large seek buttons is a large mic button which would eventually allow you to say commands to control music or speak an artist, playlist, or track name.

Would you guys use Spotify’s driving mode, or would you rather use Spotify’s Android Auto interface?