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The Functional Characteristics Of 4G Smartphone
May 12, 2017

Look from the appearance, 4G mobile phone real machine appearance with the common smart phone, they are mainly characterized by high resolution, memory, high frequency, processor running fast, Camera HD.

4G mobile phones are embedded in the TD-LTE module, which is our own R & D 4G technology hardware core. When you select a network, the screen signal displays 4G' that represents the connected 4G network.

As of September 2013, TD-LTE mobile phone maximum download speed exceeds 80M bps, reaching the mainstream 3G network speeds of more than 10 times, to download a 2G-sized film for example, only a few minutes. In addition, the user delay is less than 0.05 seconds, only 1/4 of 3G. Mobile 4G can still provide services even at a high speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour.

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