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The Human Influence Of Smartphone
May 12, 2017

With the popularity of smartphones, thumbs-typing letters, the index finger and middle finger slide on the screen to sweep away, possibly many people the most frequent daily activities. Using smartphones often leaves a strong "imprint" in the brain's part of the sense of touch, according to a new Swiss study.

The researchers conducted 1250 stimulation of the thumb, index finger and middle finger of 26 touchscreen handset users and 11 traditional handset users, recording their EEG, and then analyzing the test results with the use of records in nearly 10 days.

The results showed that, compared with users who did not use touch screen technology, the active cortical activity of the smartphone user was enhanced with the sense of body-related brain area, which was the activity of the brain region that handles finger touch movements.

The more frequent smartphones use, the more intense the brain cortex is, the more active it may eventually reshape the brain's finger-directing work, says Ark Gorchy, head of research. The impact of this change on mankind, Gaush said, may not be all good news, if there is evidence that excessive use of smartphones may be related to motor dysfunction and chronic pain. Researchers also argue that frequent use of smartphones can lead to a loss of memory and a focus on less attention.