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This Extremely Bezel-less Prototype Could Resemble The Galaxy S10
Jun 20, 2018


Next year will mark the launch of the 10th generation Galaxy S smartphone, with reports claiming Samsung has a huge redesign in the works, as well as plans to launch the device as early as January in a bid to make up for weaker-than-expected Galaxy S9 sales. Well now, thanks to tipster Ice Universe, a possible prototype of the smartphone may have just leaked, although it's worth noting that the tipster makes no direct mention of the Galaxy S10. Instead, he refers to the design as "beyond," which is the codename Samsung is using to develop its next flagship.

Taking the Infinity Display concept to a whole new level, the alleged design does away with the top bezel entirely and, to the satisfaction of many, not notch has been introduced either. Additionally, the bottom bezel has also seen a huge reduction in size to the point of nearly matching the thickness of the side ones. Due to the lack of bezels, however, there appear to be no visible sensors on the front, suggesting they could potentially be hidden within pop-out modules such as the one featured on the Oppo Find X. Alternatively, the sensors could be hidden beneath the display which, if true, would see them accompany the in-display fingerprint scanner that has previously been reported. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung accomplishes this. After all, the anniversary device is rumored to include a 3D-sensing camera up front that will be capable of taking on Apple’s Face ID.

In regards to other design choices, the bezel-less design does coincide with previous reports that stated the upcoming flagship would boast a 6.2-inch display capable of emitting sound, thus removing the need for speakers. Also, as seen in the image, Samsung once again looks set to include a dedicated Bixby button on the left side of the frame, along with a volume rocker just above. This will ultimately be accompanied by a power key on the right side.

Considering the launch of the Galaxy S10 is still at least 6 months away, it's highly plausible that this could simply be a modified image of the Galaxy S9 or S9+ and, even if it does turn out to be a prototype, it could still be subject to a number of design changes before the eventual release. Nevertheless, if Samsung is capable of mass producing a device with this screen-to-body ratio, the South Korean giant may see a significant boost in sales come next year.