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WWDC17 Will Have These Wonderful Aspect!
Jun 05, 2017

The WWDC is scheduled to be held from June 5 to June 9 at the Silicon Valley - San Jose, California, McEnery Conference Center, adjacent to Apple's new spacecraft headquarters, formerly in the San Francisco Moscone Exhibition Center。Unlike Apple's fall conference, WWDC will be more focused on software upgrades. So according to previous estimates, this year Apple may launch four new OS upgrade, a smart speaker, a new MacBook Pro, and more AI-related features

Aspect one: smart sound

Apple will launch the rumors of smart speakers has been fermented for a long time. While Amazon Echo and Google Home are on the water, Apple does not seem to have any reaction. Whether the WWDC will launch the long-awaited Siri smart speaker? let us wait and see


Aspect II: OS system upgrade

This year's WWDC Developer Conference, "the four major OS" update is still no lack of bright spots, iOS, macOS (OS X renamed), watchOS, tvOS together constitute the Apple system square, which means Cook in the mobile device, desktop office , Can wear equipment, home entertainment four areas of ecological strategy deployment more mature.

Aspect three: AI (artificial intelligence)

It is reported that, in response to the increasingly complex mobile intelligence processing tasks on the mobile side, technology giant Apple is planning to launch a new chip processor. Although Apple has not yet announced the final name of the "Apple Neural Engine" chip, the outside world has learned that it will be integrated into the next generation of iPhone and iPad devices to enhance facial recognition, language recognition, etc. Task processing capacity. Earlier, Apple CEO Cook has vowed that Apple will still dominate the next era of "artificial intelligence" mobile phone market, and this time the new processor exposure is undoubtedly for Apple's artificial intelligence transformation added an example.

Aspect four: add more "Chinese elements"

"Chinese elements" have been much concerned about Apple, in addition to Apple, more and more large companies aimed at the familiar "Chinese play", such as WeChat red envelopes, live broadcast, expression package, two-dimensional code to pay and so on. China's "special red" version of iphone 7 is a good example.